opt 4 counselling


I often hear from clients that they have been putting off seeking help, sometimes for many years. This may be because they felt let down in the past, feel that they somehow aren’t worthy of help, or simply have a fear of the unknown. As a result, they struggled for much longer than they needed to.
I hope that by listing some of the feedback received from my past clients, I can offer some reassurance to encourage those who may still be uncertain about reaching out for help.

“Maria you are a very good listener and show lots of empathy. I felt comfortable talking to you and found you completely trustworthy. I would recommend you to others because you seem very experienced and you have helped me through a very difficult time.” – Keith. August 2022

“Warm and compassionate. I would definitely recommend to anyone who feels they would benefit from counselling.” – Anonymous. June 2022

“Sympathetic, understanding, easy to talk to. 100% recommend.” – Anonymous. May 2022

“Very supportive and understanding. I felt listened to and supported. I would recommend.” – Anonymous. April 2022

“As my counsellor I found your ability to feed back to me in a very succinct way, hugely helpful. I often thought that I wasn’t explaining things very well but your interpretation was spot on. I found the ability to open up and be truthful very easy with you and never felt that I had been misunderstood or had words put in my mouth. I found our sessions together very relaxed, which is important to me.
Your communication inside and outside of the counselling sessions was excellent, always replying to emails in a timely manner.
I would recommend you because of your relaxed manner and great listening skills. I always felt that you were very present with me during our sessions together. Would definitely come back to you in the future if the need arose.” – Anonymous. March 2022

“Maria is so lovely and understanding. After a few sessions, I feel I have the confidence to move forward with my life and have more optimism for the future. Would definitely recommend Opt4Counselling with Maria.” – A.H. September 2021

“Thank you so much for all your help over the past 12 months Maria – you have been brilliant and I looked forward to our sessions enormously, particularly when the stuff was hitting the fan on a minute by minute basis! I would have struggled so much more without you. I now feel that I am building a new life, new home and new me – it’s been baby steps and hard earned but I’m incredibly grateful for all your help and support. Thank you.” – T.B. September 2021

“Warm, understanding, patient, thoughtful and considered. My experience of our sessions was that they helped me immensely during a low point, giving me space to think about issues in my life, gain clarity, and feel a crucial sense of support and guidance.” – F.B. May 2021